About Us

Connected House shares the journey of transforming one house into the ideal "connected" house within reason of the average income household.

We aim to be a one-stop source of well balanced, factual information, stories, tips and the latest news about Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind power), CCTV, and Home Automation and Internet of Things Solutions for the home.

Readers can follow along, ask questions, and engage with this story, while seeing which products are used and how installations work.

Connected House is a growing story which will benefit both the reader (buyer) and supplier. We aim to educate readers on the advantages of home automation, while recommending tried and tested systems that we trust.

Connected House - CCTV Solutions

"The aim is to get enough traction to start selling products to our readers. A dedicated sales channel will be established for registered installers, bridging the gap between the seller, buyer, and installer."

Connected House - Solar Power Solutions

Social Media will be used to build the Connected House following of interested people, suppliers, and registered installers.

We want to focus on which products and systems are used and why these were chosen. Products used will be showcased and recommended to readers with first-hand proof that these products work and how we use them effectively.

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