26 August 2022

5 Things To Consider Before implementing Solar Power

Given the increase and prevalence of load shedding in South Africa it’s not surprising that the demand for alternative energy solutions is increasing. The two most […]
3 May 2022

Winter Load Shedding Likely

Eskom’s National Control Manager has indicated that the winter period could bring a worst-case scenario wherein South Africa could see up to 100 days of load […]
22 April 2022

Uninterruptible Power Supply: All You Need To Know.

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) or battery backup is a backup solution that provides power whenever your regular power source fails or drops below a set […]
6 April 2022
Load shedding is a systemic issue

Load Shedding Is A Systemic Issue.

South Africa has undergone more load shedding in the last two years than it has since the first introduction of load shedding in 2007. Over these […]
16 March 2022
Why Solar Power fails

Why Solar Power Fails.

Making the move to solar power is easy to mess up for a variety of reasons. There are lots of things to consider and they can […]
2 March 2022

South Africa’s New Electricity Policy.

Last week a potential new electricity policy was published by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy for public comment, following approval by the president’s cabinet […]
16 February 2022
Battery Types For Solar Power: What’s Best For You?

Battery Types For Solar Power: What’s Best For You?

When shopping for batteries for your solar power system, it’s not quite as simple going to a store and buying some. There are actually two completely […]
9 February 2022
load shedding is a threat!

Stage 8 load shedding is a real threat!

Eskom may have to charge up to 30% more for electricity and implement stage 8 load shedding this year if they aren’t able to get exemptions […]
13 December 2021
Connected House - Renewable Energy

Which Type of Solar panel is better for you?

The decision to move to solar power is a big one. The choice itself is not as straightforward as you might expect, there are many smaller choices to make along […]