16 March 2022
Why Solar Power fails

Why Solar Power Fails.

Making the move to solar power is easy to mess up for a variety of reasons. There are lots of things to consider and they can […]
16 February 2022
Battery Types For Solar Power: What’s Best For You?

Battery Types For Solar Power: What’s Best For You?

When shopping for batteries for your solar power system, it’s not quite as simple going to a store and buying some. There are actually two completely […]
13 December 2021
Connected House - Renewable Energy

Which Type of Solar panel is better for you?

The decision to move to solar power is a big one. The choice itself is not as straightforward as you might expect, there are many smaller choices to make along […]
6 December 2021

The Benefits of Solar Power.

The start-up costs of solar power are admittedly high. From purchasing the solar panels to their installation and management, there’s a lot of work to be […]
1 December 2021
Sabotage of Eskom Infrastructure

Sabotage At Eskom Leads To Load Shedding

According to Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter there has been clear evidence of deliberate sabotage to Eskom’s infrastructure. Which nearly resulted in nationwide stage six load […]
11 November 2021
solar panels on house

We Finally Installed Solar Panels

Connected house is now fully powered by the sun! After nearly a decade of research into solar power, building a smaller version at our previous smallholding […]