22 April 2022

Uninterruptible Power Supply: All You Need To Know.

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) or battery backup is a backup solution that provides power whenever your regular power source fails or drops below a set […]
6 April 2022
Load shedding is a systemic issue

Load Shedding Is A Systemic Issue.

South Africa has undergone more load shedding in the last two years than it has since the first introduction of load shedding in 2007. Over these […]
9 February 2022
load shedding is a threat!

Stage 8 load shedding is a real threat!

Eskom may have to charge up to 30% more for electricity and implement stage 8 load shedding this year if they aren’t able to get exemptions […]
1 December 2021
Sabotage of Eskom Infrastructure

Sabotage At Eskom Leads To Load Shedding

According to Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter there has been clear evidence of deliberate sabotage to Eskom’s infrastructure. Which nearly resulted in nationwide stage six load […]